Vocational Education System Pinnacle to Nigerian Growing Unemployment

By |September 29th, 2014|Nigeria|0 Comments

One of the weaknesses of Nigerian education system is that it does not gives due importance to vocational education. As a result there is a mismatch between the skilled manpower required and skilled manpower available. Every year, various colleges churn out thousands of graduates who do not have the specific skill sets required by the market. This has resulted in a situation where on the one hand there are scores of unemployed graduates and on the other hand there is a huge shortage of skilled workers such as plumbers, electricians, etc.

To rectify this situation vocational training programs and centers needs to be established and promoted in a better way (one example is Sani Abacha Youth Center in Kano State), perhaps establishing one in every 774 local governments of Nigeria or better, government should can convert the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme into vocational skills acquisition programme throughout the service year.